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Plan for Spring Break Now!

beach umbrellaWinter is here, and most of us are feeling a bit blue. It has only just begun, and yet most people are already sick of the cold, the snow and ice, and shuffling about in heavy layers. The good news is, spring is just a few months away, and it’s time to start planning that spring break vacation. Whether you’re a family with children who are eagerly awaiting their break from school, or an empty-nester couple who can get up and go on your own schedule, there is nothing like planning your luxury family holidays to cure the winter blahs.

The best accommodations fill up early, so make reservations as soon as possible. First you have to decide where to go. Are you craving a beach vacation? Somewhere more exotic like Europe or Africa?  Is it strictly about lying on the beach, or were you hoping to soak in a different culture as well? There are many destinations where you can combine the best of both worlds, if you visit a beach in an exotic foreign country.

Make your decisions as early as possible if you want to find a vacancy at the best resorts. Plane tickets are also cheaper if you purchase them in advance. Remember to leave yourself plenty of time to get a passport, if you don’t already have one. This can cause a huge delay in your travel plans so don’t put off that detail until the end.

To avoid crowds, choose more remote or less popular locations. Also find out when schools in nearby areas have their breaks, and avoid those times if possible. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, investigate local holidays and festivals. You may want to avoid these times because of crowds. On the other hand, visiting during these times and participating in local customs could be a lot of fun.

All this planning will take your mind off the bitter icy cold, and before you know it, you’ll be on the plane headed for the relaxing vacation you’ve planned.

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